Cranial Prosthesis in Arizona

Once the doctor has given you a diagnosis of cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, thyroid issues, kidney-related diseases, or if you require chemotherapy or radiation, it is a possibility that hair loss is the first side effect that comes to your mind. We understand from personal experience that this can be a trying time, and make it a priority to provide cranial prosthesis services in a friendly, private, and uplifting environment. A Cranial Prosthesis is a great hair loss option that results in a natural look to boost self-esteem and highlight your individual beauty.


What is a Cranial Prosthesis?

A cranial prosthesis is a medical wig designed specifically for those experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions and their related treatments. Cranial prosthesis are also referred to as a unit.


How to Pay for a Cranial Prosthesis?

A full cranial prosthesis wig is typically obtained by a prescription from a physician to an insurance provider. It is designed for those whose well-being is affected from experiencing significant hair loss due to certain medical conditions, cancer, and, related treatments.

Euphoria Reign carries a full line of human hair and synthetic medical wigs for women and men, along with maintenance products and tools. Your cranial prosthesis wig will be fitted and shaped by our trained professionals to your desired look and fit based on your style.


Cranial Prosthesis Insurance Coverage – Navigating the Process

To maximize your time and energy, determine if the costs of a medical cranial prosthesis wig is covered by your insurance company in advance, and what you must do to qualify. Cranial Prosthesis costs are often covered by 80% – 100% by insurance.

To determine if your insurance covers a cranial prosthesis wig, you’ll want to call your insurance company and ask them about the parameters of the coverage.

Be sure to ask your insurance provider:

  • How much of the costs will be covered?
  • Are there any associated out-of-pocket costs?
  • What type of cranial prosthesis the insurance provider covers (synthetic or human hair wigs etc.).
  • Are there specific CPT codes needed from the physician that must be included when writing the prescription? And, if so, what additional documents may be needed to submit the claim to your insurance provider for consideration.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance or Insurance Coverage for a Cranial Prosthesis?

If a client does not qualify for a cranial prosthesis through their insurance provider, Euphoria Reign will use its resource listing to assist those in financial need. Likewise, if a client is not feeling well enough or require additional assistance to navigate this process, Euphoria Reign staff is available to assist.


Mobile Wig Restoration (Signature Program)

We have implemented a  Mobile Wig Restoration Service.  We serve clients who are experiencing hair loss because of certain health conditions like cancer, kidney and thyroid related disorders, trichotillomania, genetics. Our clients are less likely to go out in public without wearing a wig.

This is how the service works:

  1. Call to request a wig pick-up for restoration. Wigs or cranial prosthesis can also be dropped off at the Salon or mailed to the Salon located at Euphoria Reign 11116 W. California Ave, Suite L, Youngtown, Arizona  85363.
  2. The wig is processed and restored to its original state by trained professionals.
  3. The wig is delivered back to the client within 5-7 days, in a beautiful, lavender, organza bag.

Salon Services for Clients and Their Loved Ones

The first Tuesday of each month is dedicated to clients with cancer or those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and their caregivers. Clients can expect free services that include a shampoo, hair conditioning, and a haircut. Clients need to contact the Salon to schedule.


What is a Cranial Prosthesis Cost?

Price list available upon request. Please call 623-261-3645.