Wigs, Wig Styling & Wig Restoration Services in Arizona

Euphoria Reign is proud to announce our new partnership with Reba’s Vision to bring custom wig restoration to their Baskets of Hope

See the Vision 

We have a wide variety of synthetic and human hair luxury wigs and products. Custom orders and restoration is also available by appointments. We carry luxury products from Ellen Willie, Henry Margu, Rachel Welch and more. 

You can now also have your wig restored by one of our trained professionals. We’ll even pick up and deliver the wig back to you once restored in 5-7 days. Wig restoration is great for upcoming social events or for a daily wig that needs some touching up.

 Wigs are everywhere these days. You can find them on the red carpet, out in restaurants, and in homes across the United States. Whether it’s for a medical condition or just for the fun of trying something new, there are so many reasons to wear one. Euphoria Reign has plenty of experience in wigs, wig styling, and wig restoration in Youngtown, Arizona. In fact, the founder has more than three decades in the industry.


The Benefits of Wearing a Wig 

The answer to why most people wear a wig might surprise you — it’s usually to save money. Salon visits, Rogaine, fancy conditioners: the cost of these products all add up quickly. A wig only requires the initial purchase, a sturdy stand, wig shampoo, and the occasional upkeep. Wigs also protect your hair from damaging elements, such as UV rays. 

You can change up your style whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not your hair will cooperate with you from one day to the next. Millions of people around the country suffer from hair loss, and a wig is an exciting way to give you an extra boost of confidence.


Wig Restoration Services

While wigs don’t need nearly the amount of upkeep as traditional hair does (on average, American women spend a combined 6 years of their life doing their hair), they may need some changes from time to time. So if your hair is thinning quickly, you can add more thickness to it or close a certain part of your head for maximum coverage.

We work with high-quality wigs made from either human or synthetic hair. The result is a wig that stands up to your busiest (and windiest) days. However, no wig can last forever, which is why we offer wig restoration to our customers.  

With this service, the wig will be taken apart and reconstructed to add pieces as needed. It can also be deep cleaned and conditioned or silk pressed for sleekness and shine. A wig can rip and stretch throughout the day, causing the hair to appear sparse or otherwise unkempt. We see people come in if their knots open, the material becomes frayed, or if the hair becomes frizzy.  

If you’re interested in buying a wig in Arizona, or you’re just looking for a wig restoration, give Euphoria Reign a ring today. We can’t wait to find the perfect fit for you!